Off Site

"On The Road" Our outreach team travels to multiple locations throughout the month in order to teach self-defense to survivors of human trafficking who are unable to find transportation to our facility.  We are currently in need of a vehicle and are holding fundraisers.


Community Outreach for Charitable donation services, namely, providing educational seminars, workshops and training in the field of self defense, personal safety and empowerment. This training is for men, women and children.

Step Up

It starts from within!  We are looking for volunteers to partner with us in providing charitable services, namely, mentoring disadvantaged girls in the field of self defense and personal safety;

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"Train the Trainer!"  Providing educational services, namely, developing, arranging, and conducting educational conferences and programs and providing courses of instruction in the field of self defense and personal safety. 


"A place for safety" Our goal is to provide safe shelter and meals to survivors who travel to us and do not have the proper funding.  We are reaching out to the community in an effort to join together so we can all make a difference in the lives of these women and children so desperately in need of our services.


Charitable fundraising services by means of organizing and conducting special events such as seminars; Charitable fundraising services by means of selling POC goods to raise funds.  Currently working on educational materials including books, CD's and handouts that can be supplied to organizations that are not able to travel to us or that do not have funds for us to come there.

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